Waturaka Village In Kelimutu

waturaka village

Waturaka is name of village in Foot of Mount Kelimutu. Waturaka, in a corner of the Flores countryside is a humble farming village located at the foot of mount Kelimutu. This small village has been developed so it’s ready to welcome visitors coming to experience Moni and its surrounding areas. Simple yet clean home stays are available in Waturaka. Here, you can enjoy the totally unique experience of living with local family and tasting local dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from the garden. Located nearby are two trekking trails heading to two amazing attraction.

In addition to relying on the beauty and uniqueness of nature that exists such as the potential of waterfalls and hot water, Waturaka Village also puts forward cultural values, through building relationships with local communities for visitors. This includes the development of community-owned homestays.