Watublapi Village In Maumere

watublapi village maumere

Watublapi village is located about 31 km from Maumere. It is well known for is fine traditional ikat weaving. Whereas many other local weaving communities have switched to industrially spun yarn and chemical dyes for the purpose of saving time and money, the weavers of Watublapi still use the traditional, hand spun yarn made from locally grown local cotton, as well as local natural dyes. Visitors with a profound interest in ikat weaving could join the ikat workshop in Watublapi. The Bliran Sina weavers will teach you the skills of this fascinating handmade craft (by appointment).

Ikat Weaving in Watublapi very unique. Ikat Waeving; the Indonesian word ikat means to tie and in this case refers to the beautiful hand woven fabrics for which is famous. Ikat Waeving is done all over the island but especially in eastern-flores. The whole process is completed manually, starting with the spinning of the thread and the dyeing. All the dyes are made from natural ingredients such as leave, wood, or roots, cooked and mixed together. Before dyieng, the threads are skillfully tied with color-resistant fibers, so that the bound section remain white.