Wae Rebo

 Wae rebo is the best of Manggarai’s traditional villages. Its located in Flores Island – Indoneisa. Recent road improvements  have opened up the area, although  it is still very remote. A village  visit involves  a splendid  but challenging  10km hike  that  takes fuor hours and winds past waterfalls and swimming holes , as well as  spectacular  views of the savu sea. Once you arrive in the village   you will be treated to indigenous music and dance , and a demonstration of local weaving  practices , then bed down in  a mbaru tembong [traditional home]. All this hospitality deserves a gift of at least 200,00 per person. The next  morning you can  retrace your steps or choose to hike another six hours over a pass to another trailhead; arrange for pickup  here in advance. You can arrange  for guides [Rp400,00] and  porters [Rp 250,000] at the local   guesthouses.  Be sure to start very early , to avoid the sweltering heat of midday. Bring water.