Tado Ecotour In Flores Island

Tado Ecotour in Flores Island

Tado is one of the tourist attractions in West Manggarai Regency – Flores Island- East Nusa Tenggara. The Tado name actually refers to the Tado tribe in Manggarai. At present the area inhabited by the Tado tribe belongs to the Nampar Macing village and Golo Leleng Village, Sano Nggoang District, West Manggarai Regency. Tado has a wealth of nature and culture that has been packaged as a tourist attraction since mentoring activities by ECOSEA and Indecon in 2006. Tado is known for a variety of traditional plants that are used by the community as medicinal plants. The Tado community is part of the Manggarai ethnic group so the Manggarai culture is very close here. Caci dance is one of the local forms, where the Tado community forms a studio – caci studio to maintain the existence of this dance while developing it as a form of Tado tourist attraction.
Tourism activities that can be done in the Tado tourist area are packaged in several tour packages, including:
Explore Golo Wesa
The tourism activities offered are Golo Wesa hill roaming located 2.7 km from the Tado information center. The scenery that can be seen along this cruising route is forests, savannas, bamboo forests and dams. At the highest point, you can enjoy the beauty of rice fields that are shaped like spider webs (lingko) from a height. There are even some very strategic points for bird watching and other fauna activities.
Roam the River
In this roaming, you will be invited to do a river walk using a kayak boat, tube tires and rafts while enjoying the panorama and ecosystem around the river in the Tado area.
Caci Dance Show
Here you will be invited to see caci dances and sanda songs which are the culture of the Tado community.
Learn to weave and make crafts
Tourism activities in this tour package are observing the process of making woven as local crafts, as well as learning the practice of weaving accompanied by local communities.
Enjoy Coffee and Local Herbal Drinks
This tourism activity invites you to get to know more about how the Tado community uses their produce as a culinary ingredient. The Tado community is very rich in produce in the form of coffee that you can enjoy when visiting the Tado Tourism Area.