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Sumba Island, in 1910 a highway from Waikabubak to go to Waingapu had begun for approximately 150 km, which in the past was taken by taking 8 hours by car. There are ports used at that time to dock medium-sized boats were Waekelo in West Sumba and Waingapu Port in East Sumba. The airport that connects Sumba with other islands is Tambolaka in West Sumba and Mau Hau in East Sumba. Both of these airports can only be landed by aircraft of the Dakota and Twin Otter types then followed by Merpati Nusantara Airlines and Zamrud airlines.
Administratively, Sumba Island is divided into 4 regencies, East Sumba with the capital of Waingapu, Anakalang, the capital of Sumba Tengah Regency, Waikabubak, the capital of West Sumba Regency and Southwest Sumba Regency (Sumba Barat Daya) with Waitabula. There are 2 airports which are the gateway to Sumba Island, namely Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport (WPG) in the City of Waingapu and the Airport of Tambolaka (TMC) in Waitabula City.
for tourists, the island of Sumba has a very unique natural panorama and culture. the expanse of the savanah, the traditional village with its towering roof, the horse in the savanah field and some of the island’s distinctive weavings. Sumba people have trust in their ancestors which is still maintained until now. In addition to adhering to a recognized religion in Indonesia, they have the belief of anemism. They called it “ Marapu” . Sumba people often carry out religious rituals called Hamayang (prayer). These rituals are aimed at the spirits of ancestors, because the Sumba believe that the spirits of these ancestors were the keepers of people who were still alive in the world. Trust in ancestral spirits for Sumba people is called Marapu. Therefore, all areas of Sumba people’s lives are associated with Marapu.

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