Sumba Flores Komodo Tour From Bali Indonesia

Sumba Flores Komodo Tour From Bali Indonesia

Sumba Flores Komodo Tour From Bali is our Indonesia tour packages itinerary to visit lesser sunda Island. We offer you 12 days and 11 nights with three different island during your trip. This package is the suitable for you to explore all the beauty of natures and cultures site, from the center of the islands, northern and eastern islands tourist destination. We are really understands if planning holiday is really stressful, that's way we created this packages for you, so you ne need to make your day busy by choosing which tour are the best and suitable for vacation in Indonesia. Sumba Flores Komodo Tour Packages 12 Days and 11 Nights Tours are the best option for you to choose with plenty of tourist destination you can see during your vacation. During this packages you will assist by our professional English Speaking Driver by perform the excellent Service to make you more convenient during the trip. The Sumba Flores Komodo Tour From Bali Tours itinerary is flexible tour program we designed by give option price with hotel and price without hotel, beside that the tour itinerary also flexible, you can custom beased on your request, contact us if you want to tailored the Sumba Flores Komodo Tour From Bali.

First of all we would like to give you information about Sumba, Flores and Komodo Island. Tour will start from Bali, on your arrival our team will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the hotel bear Kuta are. Why we choose Kuta because its the central of Bali and close to the airport. Before leaving Bali, spend you rest of time to enjoy the sunset of Bali.


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Bali is one of the 13.000 islands in indonesia, is famous for its scenic beauty, dinamic culture, and friendly people. Located just south of the equator, tropical bali has hot, wet season( November – March ) and a cool dry / rainy season ( May – September ). Towering volcanoes, some still active, contain large lakes which provide water for irrigation thousands of the rice field, enebling up to 30 harvest / year.

Flores Island

Flores is the island’s 1.9 milion people are divided  into five main linguistic and cultural  groups.  From west to east ,these are  the Manggarai  [main town Ruteng] , the Ngada [bajawa] , the closely related Ende and Lio peoples [Ende ] the  Sikkanese [Maumere] and the Lamaholot [Larantuka].in remote areas especially those  accessible  only by trail ,some older  people don’t speak a word of Bahasa  Indonesia ,and their parents grew up in purely   animist societies .Around 85%  of the people are chatolic, but in rural  areas Christianity is welded  onto adat .Animist rituals  are still used for  births , marriages and deaths , and to mark important points in the agricultural calendar.  Even educated,  English-pseaking Florenese participate in the odd chicken, pig or buffalo sacrifice to the ancestors when rice is  planted. Muslims congregate in fishing villages  and coastal  towns such as ende [where they make  up half the population] and Labuan Bajo.

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Kelimutu Lake

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is located to the East of Sumbawa Island and is separated from it by the Sape strait. The coastline of Komodo Island is 181 km long. Komodo is currently the most Western located (larger) island of a number of islands in the Komodo National Park, and covers a surface area of about 336 square kilometers. The island Komodo borrows its name from the endemic Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), which is widely distributed over the island. Additional terrestrial fauna includes the wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), the wild boar (Sus scrofa), deer (Cervus timorensis), the wild horse, and several types of birds (Aves) and other reptiles. The wild fauna on Komodo has a strong appeal for both domestic and international tourists.

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Ratenggaro Village

Sumba Island

Sumba or Humba is name of island in East Nusa Tenggara Province. This is one of three main island in East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba Island is amazing with a beautiful coastline with white sand almost all of its islands. Sumba Island now seems to be the main attraction for local and foreign tourists. for tourists, the island of Sumba has a very unique natural panorama and culture. the expanse of the savanah, the traditional village with its towering roof, the horse in the savanah field and some of the island's distinctive weavings. Sumba people have trust in their ancestors which is still maintained until now. In addition to adhering to a recognized religion in Indonesia, they have the belief of anemism. They called it “ Marapu” . Sumba people often carry out religious rituals called Hamayang (prayer). These rituals are aimed at the spirits of ancestors, because the Sumba believe that the spirits of these ancestors were the keepers of people who were still alive in the world. Trust in ancestral spirits for Sumba people is called Marapu. Therefore, all areas of Sumba people's lives are associated with Marapu.

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Sumba Tour Package is adventure tour from East Sumba to southwest sumba. Deserted beaches Sumba is ringed with ribbons of powdery white sand, including Pantai Marosi in the southwest. Ratenggaro One of the best traditional villages, with intricate carvings and peaked thatched roofs.
Pasola Legendary tournaments to measure toughness and bravery, held in February and March. Southeast of Waingapu, nestled in dry undulating savannah interspersed with cashew orchards, are several traditional villages some with strilking ancestral tombs. This area produces some of Sumba's best ikat.

Flores Komodo Tour Package consist of two main activities, these are island hopping in Komodo National Park and Flores Overland Tour. Island Hopping around Komodo during a day to Padar Island ; a spectacular view point with beautiful three beaches with different colors, Komodo Island; trekking to see Komodo Dragon, Pink Beach; beautiful snorkeling spot and Kanawa Island. Flores overland tour is driving from West of Flores Island to Eastern side on the flores Highway. Flores overland tour will show you different panorama of mountains, sea and savanna. During the trip you will stay and overnight in different town with hot and cold temperature, exploring different culture and way of live.

Sumba Flores Komodo Tour Package will will be assist by our professional English Speaking crew by perform the excellent Tour Service to make you more convenient during the trip. The Sumba Flores Komodo Tour 12 Days and 11 Nights. Tours itinerary is flexible tour program we designed by give option price with hotel, beside that the tour itinerary also flexible, you can custom beased on your request, contact us if you want to tailored  it.


You arrival at Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport (WGP) will picked up by driver at arrival guide. Lunch at local restaurant. Start the tour to visit Praiyanwang Village ;Nestled in a beautiful shallow valley between grassy hills, Praiyawang is a traditional compound of Sumbanese houses and is the ceremonial focus of the more modern village of Rende. The largest is that of a former chief. Shapedlike a buffalo, it consists of four stone pllar am high, supporting a monstrous slab ahout 5m long, 2.5m wide and 1m thick. Two stone tablets stand atop the main slab, carved with figures. A massive Sumbanese house with concrete pillars faces the tombs, along with a number of older rumah adat (traditonal houses). Afterthat, drive to Walakiri Beach to enjoy the sunset. Check in at Hotel in Waingapu.


Today you will visit Tanggedu Waterfall ; to reach the waterfall soft trekking 30 minutes in dray savannah. Afterthat, continue drive back to Waingapu, on the way visit Prailiu Village and Mauliru Savannah.


Depart from your hotel in the morning, drive to West Sumba. On the way stopover at Anakalalang to see Megalithic Royal Grave Stone. Afterthat visit Praiijing village on the of hiil with Sumbanese structure village and way of life. Continue visit Lapopu waterfall located in rainy forest a part of Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park. Drive to south of Sumba, stopover at Lamboya, a spectacular view of ricefiled and coastline from the top. Visit Watubelah Beach, white sand beach and clear water. Check in at hotel in Waikabubak.


Depart in the morning from Waikabubak, drive to southwest of Sumba, visit Ratenggaro Village ; old traditional village with highroof as a typical of Sumba Village and also old stone tombs. This traditional village has 304 stone tombs. Afterthat, continue to weekuri Lagoon ; the salt lake Separated by craggy cliffs, the spectacular turquoise tidal lagoon sits 20 metres from the sea.

Catch flight from Tambolaka Airport - Southwest Sumba to Ende Airport - Flores Island

Arrive in Ende, pick iup by driver and Drive to Moni, 60 km from Ende with beautiful panorama of valleys and hills. Visit Wologai Traditional village; old Lionese village that believe Kelimutu Lakes is a place of the spirits of the dead. Check in at Lodge in Moni Area.


Depart at 04:00Am to Kelimutu National Park. Soft trekking to the view point; waiting the sunrise to see three volcanic crater lakes that differ in color. Driving to Waturaka village, beautiful panorama of ricefield. Breakfast at Lodge, shower and check out. Drive to Bajawa, on the way visit Blue stone beach. Check in at Hotel in Riung . Dinner and transfer back to your hotel


Transfer to Riung harbor. Explore Riung Marine Park by motorized wooden boat. First stop is watching flying foxes at Ontoloe Island. Second stop is Rutong Island, hike to the hill and enjoy breathaking view of Riung Marine Park. Continue to Tiga Island where you can go snorkeling, swimming and relaxing on white sand beach. Back to Riung after lunch and continue drive 3 hours to Bajawa. Stay and overnight at hotel in Bajawa.


Today you will visit Ngadanese traditional village in Tiwuriwu district. Fist visit Bena Traditional Village ; old meghalitic village lived by Ngadanese ethnic. Continue to Luba Village in foot of Inerie mountain. Enjoy warm water from Malanage hot spring.


Ater breakfast, Depart from hotel to Wolobobo hill a spectacular view point of Inerie and Ebulobo volcano. Then continue drive to Aimere, stop over to taste the famous local wine “arak” distillation. Lunch will be provided at Local resto in Borong. Drive up to Ruteng. Stay and overnight at hotel in Ruteng.


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Depart from Ruteng to Cancar. Trekking to visit Lingko spider web ricefield. Drive to Denge  Trekking 3-4 hours from Denge to Waerebo Village. The authentic Manggarai houses are located about 1,00m asl in the middle of the mountains.  Arrive in Waerebo Village, welcoming by head of the village with waeluu ritual. Stay and overnight in Mbaru Niang / traditional houses. Sleeping along with other travelers ( Mats, pillow and blanket). Dinner will serve.


After breakfast, trek down to Denge village where lunch will provided. Drive to Labuan Bajo with the same route. Check in at the same hotel in Labuan Bajo.


Picked up at 05:30AM. Using sharing speedboat cruising to Komodo National Parks. Visit Padar Island; beautiful panonama of its island with three color of beaches, Komodo Island; trekking to see Komodo Dragon in the wildlife, Contineu snorkeling in Pink Beach still in Komodo Island. Manta Point; snorkeling to see Manta Rays, Taka Makasar; floating island covered by white sand and last visit Kanawa Island; snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Late afternoon, cruising back to Labuan Bajo, and transfer to your Hotel.


Free program until check out time, transfer to Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport (LBJ). Tour Finish.


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