Seraya Kecil Labuan Bajo

Seraya Kecil is name of dive Dive site close to Labuan Bajo, Manggarai Barat. Dive type in Seraya Kecil are Seamount and Coral Garden. It has Reef type of hard coral fringing reef and sandy slope. Seraya Kecil is a relaxed and easy dive, just 40 minutes travel from Labuan Bajo. This proximity to the mainland offers the exciting option of a spectacular evening or night dive. The area is also a very well known snorkel site. begin the dive on the northwest set of seraya kecil, above a sandy tongue following the slope to the north, you will discover a beautiful coral garden  and small rocks littered across the sandy bottom down to 18m.

Seraya kecil is a fantastic place to spot various kinds of nudi branch, scorpionfish, stone fish and other  photogenic macro life. Search the gorgonians carefully for pygmy seahorses; it is an exhilarating experience to spot one of these cryptic creatures. But there is more to seraya kecil than amazing macro diving. Turtles are frequently found, and divers that descend deeper into to the channel will find a small seamount at 30meters, where eagle rays, reef sharks and other big pelagic congregate.  The mid-water  currents can pick up in the channel, so it is better  to turn around and end the dive exploring in the shallow.