Lingko Spiderweb Rice Field In Flores Island

lingko spiderweb rice field flores

Lingko refers to the spider web shaped rice fields which are found in numerous places in Manggarai – Flores Island Indonesia. The most impressive is the Lingko of Cara Village in Cancar, around 17km west of Ruteng, central of Manggarai Regency.

Lingko is a traditional Manggarain system of land possession where, depending on the family’s size, the family head divides land based on the distance between his fingers. The traditional system is still preserved and practiced today in Flores. The distribution start from the center pole (lodok) from which lines are drawn to the outer circle of the lingko, forming pie segments locally known as moso (meaning ‘hand’).

Lingko Spiderweb Rice field is optional tour for tourist when passes Flores Highway from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng. There is a small entry fee at the gate. Visitor need to climb around 100-150 steps to reach top. Need to keep distance with some children’s there. They will come and offer help for taking photo. Good view from nearby hill to see effect of layout of the fields. Can only see from top of nearby hill. Each family owns one of the circular group of fields laid out like a spiders web. Can see 4 or 5 of the layouts from top of hill.