Ever more travellers are descending on this gorgeous, slightly ramshackle harbor town, freckled with offshore islands and blessed with idyllic views that offer surrealist sunsets. Labuan bajo’s main drag jl Soekarno Hatta, is lined with cool cafes, guesthouses, travel agents and a few hopping bars. The waterfront is spiffed-up and theconnections to other parts of Indonesia are excellent. With the many beguiling islands just offshore, you main find Labuan bajo or Bajo as it’s commonly called] hard to leave,even as the draw of flores proper lures you east. Note, however, that Labuanbajo is at a crossroads: with its new popularity, growth has spirslled up words .how the new development along the coast is handled will say much about whether the town remains a traveller’s idyll or becames just another trashed hotspot.