Pink Beach In Labuan Bajo

Pink Beach in Labuan Bajo

pink beach labuan bajo
Pink Beach

Pink Beach is located in Komodo IslandKomodo National Park. This coastline is very charming from a distance. Pink beach known as a delightful dive and one of the most popular spots in the park. The pristine Pink Beach gets its color from red coral fragments, and is located near the trekking area on Komodo Island. The shallow reef begins just by the beach, and is perhaps one of the best snorkeling sites in the park, deep enough to snorkel at low tide and not to deep at high tide. Colorful clumps of hard corals lie interspersed with brilliant patches of white sand and form a haven for fish of all shapes and sizes. The life here is more typical of the southern sites and the water temperature is usually around 25°C. the predominant currents here are mild and from the south, and the sites is best dive on a falling tide. About 50m out from the beach, a small rocky outcrop is exposed at low tide and mark the ideal starting point for this dive. Follow the wall down to 18-20m, where large school of fusilier, snappers, extremely tame grouper, and many lion and scorpion fish can be found engulfing the headland. While only a small dive site, it is nonetheless very rich in both hard and soft corals, with plentiful tunicates and feather stars. Careful searching in and around the rocks can reveal frogfish, nudibranches, fire urchins, crocodile fish, crustaceans, and much, much more. Further to the northeast lies a steep sandy slope which is home to razor fish and, if you’re lucky, the extremely rare and elusive sand diver.
Besides snorkeling and diving in this beach, visitors can do some fun activities such as swimming, sun bathing, playing ball and some of local make this place as photospot. No village or houses around the beach, it means if you want to come to this beach should bring some water, food and otherthings from Labuan Bajo. There are sailing boat from Labuan Bajo offer trip to Pink Beach.