Mbeliling Mountain

mbeliling mountain

Mbeliling  mountain is located in West Manggarai RegencyFlores Island . From Labuan Bajo drive 1 hours on Trans Flores route to Roe.

Mbeliling has become popular among tourist in recent years. From the village of Roe at the foot of the mountain, the Roe ecotourism Association operates day trip to mount Mbeliling and 2 days  trip to mbeliling and Cunca Rami waterfall.

The Forest of the Mbeliling area are home to Unique Birds life with 97 different species including the four Flores endemics; The Flores monarch, flores scops owl, wallace hanging parrot and Flores Crow; as well as mammals such as flores warty pigs, deer, monkeys and chivets. Consequently the area has recently become a nature reserve comprising several 1000 hectares. All the way the trail leads through pristine tropical cloud forest. If you start your trip in the morning, the forest will be misty but all the more beautiful; and as you reach the top by noon  the clouds will lift and you can enjoy the magnificent View.
The first 4.2 kilometers are easy hiking through relatively even terrain on a trail in excellent condition. You then reach Crossing another Trail splits off to Cunca Rami waterfall. From this point it gets pretty steep. The path reaches the Rocky ridge of the mountain. as you scramble across the slippery stones you will notice that you are now in real Montana rainforest with mosses that cannot grow in lower altitude covering every surface. Here you have to watch your step carefully it is quite steep to both your left and right. After 2 hours you reach the first viewpoint 1171 meters and half an hour later you are on the second one 1258 m. here, Stone pillars denotes the Conservation area , it takes about 3 hours to reach the summit. striated Swallow swirl around you at the top. The Descent along the same Trail takes two hours.