Cunca Wulang Canyon

cunca wulang

Cunca Wulang is name of canyon in Labuan BajoFlores Island. It is located in Warsawe Village. To reach the canyon, you have to travel 24km on transflores highway from Labuan Bajo, then turn left 3 km to Warsawe.

In a peaceful rainforest setting, water gushes through the gorges of Cunca Wulang Canyon down into pools of cool fresh water. These natural swimming pools invite you to take adip or if water level permit, to jum from the cliff. The trek starts at the village of Warsawe, where you will register in counter to get some information and paid local guide to accompany visitor to the canyon. Follow the trekking route to the valley, at the bottom of which the waemese river flow, begins. In the upper section, the trails leads along the paddy filed and gardens of villagers. People in warsawe plant candle nut, coffee and other cash crops. After you ener rainforest, which is nice and shady, but full of mosquitoes – even in the dray season. At the bottom of the valley you follow the river; and after a short trek uphill which takes you through the clear water, you arrive at the mouth of the canyon. On the stone cliff there are many excellent spots to take pictures. A steep jungle trail leads to the top of the waterfall. Not so far from Cunca Wulang Canyon, there is another waterfall in a smaller canyon. This takes 30 minutes to reach.

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