Komodo Tour Package  is part of Flores Komodo Tour Package  to enjoy the Adventure Journey Within few days in Flores Island and stay and overnight on board or people known as live on a board. Komodo Tour Package is adventure and excursion to near by island around Komodo National Park will make great day trips, offering the chance to snorkle, diving, swimming, trekking or lounge on a desserted beach.

Komodo Tour Package will bring you to Komodo Island and Rinca island as main island In Komodo National Park to see wild Komodo Dragon. Not only that, Padar Island will offers beautiful panorama of three beaches, white, black and pink sand beach. Pulau Bidadari, for intance, offers lovely coral and crystalline water. You can snooze on Pantai Pink and snorkeling around the tiny offshore islet of Kukusan Island, Pulau Seraya and Pulau Kanawa are both gorgeous and have excellent beaches.

Komodo Tour Package will have by allowed you to explore the beauty tourist destination and stay in different island in Komodo National Park. Is great opportunity we offer to you to enjoy Flores Komodo islands, The tour is private tour and will assist by professional Komodo Boat and Tour Driver by perform the excellent services to make you more convenient during the Komodo  tour.

Labuan Bajo Tour Package also our tour to Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo is main entrance to start your Flores Komodo Tour Package. By Air you can easily get flights conecting Flores and Bali, Lombok and Kupang ( West Timor), among other destination. Labuan Bajo is main getaway while Maumere and Ende are also serviced daily flights. By boat daily ferries connect Labuan Bajo with sape (Sumbawa). From Larantuka, infrequents ferries go to Kupang. From Ende and Aimere, boats will take you to Waingapu (Sumba)

Labuan Bajo tour