Wild Boar

wild board in komodo national park


Wild Boar (Sus scrofa vittatus) are found on Komodo Island and Rinca Island in Komodo National Park (KNP). They were probably introduced as a game species and are prey of the Komodo dragon. Preferred habitat is the savanna and open monsoon forest. Occasionally they are found on the beach or in the mangrove swamps. They are probably not restricted by altitude. Wild boar are generally active in the early morning and late afternoon; they rarely feed at night. They are omnivores, and eat roots, tubers, grasses, insects, fruits, snakes, crabs, and carrion. They are quite aggressive, and occasionally compete with the Komodo dragons for food. Litter size is usually 2 – 6, with infants being born from December – March. Wild boar make grass nests for their young. They are noted for making mud wallows; this creates a specific microclimate used by some insects and amphibians.