Water Buffalos And Horses


Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) were also introduced to Komodo National Park. Group size is 10 to 50 animals. They are found in the grassland and open woodland with pools of water on Rinca and Komodo Islands. They frequently make mud wallows. They are herbivorous, and primarily graze in the early morning and late afternoon. The mating season is from March – May and calves are born around January.

Horses (Equus sp.) This species was introduced to Rinca Island. Like the deer, they are herbivores, and prefer grassland and open woodland. They tend to stay near water holes in the valleys. Horses do not have an established mating season, and begin mating at three years of age. Typical group size is 10 individuals or less. Based on local reports in the mid 1970’s, the population size is about 300 individuals.