Climate Komodo National Park


A primarily arid environment, Komodo National Park has little or no rainfall for approximately 8 months of the year, and is strongly impacted by monsoonal rains. High humidity levels year round are only found in the quasi-cloud forests on mountain tops and ridges. Based on Schmidt and Ferguson’s classification, the Komodo National Park is classified as type F (very dry), with Q = 1.97, and an average total rainfall per year of 200 to 1,500 mm. December through March is the usual wet season each year, the rest of the year is dry. Temperatures generally range from 170 C to 340 C, with an average humidity level of 36%. From November through March the wind is from the west and causes large waves that hit the entire length of Komodo island’s west beach. From April through October the wind is dry and large waves hit the south beaches of Rinca and Komodo islands.