Birds In Komodo Island

birds in komodo island

Orange-footed scrub fowl (Megapodius reinwardti) are ground-dwelling birds. They are insectivores. Scrub fowls build large mounds of soil and rotting vegetation in which their eggs are incubated. Females lay only one egg that hatch 50-70 days later. The young birds are precocial and are independent after hatching. Nests are frequently re-used by the birds; Komodo dragons may also use the nests to lay their own eggs. The birds in Komodo National Park include a mixture of Asian and Australia species, resident and migratory. Surveys by Zubaidi Susanto, Ani Pakpahan and Yeni Mulyani, near Loh Liang, indicate that bird diversity is moderate and similar in savanna and mixed deciduous habitats. In savanna, 27 species were observed. Geopelia striata and Streptopelia chinensis were the most common species. In mixed deciduous habitat, 28 bird species were observed, and Philemon buceroides, Ducula aenea, and Zosterops chloris were the most common.