Komodo Island Boat Tour

Komodo Island Boat Tour is Komodo tour to Komodo National Park or peole known well Komodo Island Tour. Here we will give you information about komodo boat tour with few options to Rinca, Padar and Komodo Island. Boat will based in Labuan Bajo as main entrance to Komodo National Park. From Labuan Bajo take sailing or cruising by speedboat, wooden boat with cabin or phinisi to begin your tour. There are some optional of Komodo Island Boat Tour, it is fullday tour, 2 days boat tour, 3 days boat tour until 4 days 3 night sailing. People known Komodo Boat Tour is liveonboard.

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Speedboat Komodo

Komodo Island Boat tour or liveonboard is traveling by sea between islands around Komodo National Park, it its a popupar tour to get Komodo Island. Typical 3 or 4 day itineraries take in snorkeling at Pulau Kanawa, Pulau Kelor, Pink Beach in Komodo Island, Manta Point and some other beautiful island. And also main activities a dragon-spotting hike on Komodo and Rinca Island.

Komodo Boat Tour to Komodo Island to see Spectacular Komodo, its steep hillsides jade in the short wet season, frazzled by the sun and winds to a deep rusty red for most of the year, is the largest island in the national park. A succession of eastern peninsulas spread out like so many fingers, fringed in pink Sand, thanks to the abundance of red coral offshore. The main camp of Loh Liang and the PHKA office, where boats dock and guided walks and treks start, is on the east coast.

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The fishing village of Kampung Komodo is an hour-long walk south of Loh Liang. It’s a friendly stilted Bugis village that’s full of goats, chickens and children. The inhabitants are said to be descendants of convicts exiled to the island in the 19th century by one of the sultans in Sumbawa. The residents here are used to seeing tourists and you can spend a fair bit of time absorbing village life and gazing out over the water.

The entrance fee at Komodo includes a choice of three walks: the short walk (1.5km, 45 minutes), which includes a stop at an artificial waterhole that attracts the diminutive local deer -and of course ora; the medium walk (2.5km, 90 minutes), which includes a hill with sweeping views and a chance to see colourful cockatoos; and the long trek (4km, two hours), which includes the features of the shorter hikes and gets you much further from the peak-season crowds.

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You can also do adventure treks, these walks are up to 9km long and can last four or more hours. Bring plenty of water. Highlights can include a climb to the 538m-high Gunung Ara with expansive views from the top. Poreng Valley is another potential drag on haunt, and has an out-in-the-wild feeling. Watch for wildlie such as buffalo, deer, wild boar and Komodo’s rich birdlife, including the fabled megapodes. A great hike goes over Bukit Randolph, passing a memorial to 79-year-old Randolph Von Reding, who disappeared on Komodo in 1974, and on to Loh Sebita It’s challenging, the sea views are spectacular, you’ll likely see a dragon or two, and you can organise your boat to pick you up in Loh Sebita, so you don’t have to retrace your steps.

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Almost everybody who visits Komodo hires a boat in Labuan bajo or visits as part of a live aboard itinerary. Day trips always offer snorkelling (gear included) as part of the itinerary as well as a stop at an island beach. Many snorkel around the small island of Pulau Lasa near Kampung Komodo, and just off the pink sands of Pantai Merah (Red Beach), which is just an hour’s walk from Loh Liang.

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