Koka Beach In Maumere - Flores

koka beach

Koka Beach is located in Wolowiro, Paga, Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Koka beach is one of beautiful beach in Flores island. There are Two bays separated by a little, hilly promontory. Clean and clear Water and the beach itself was really clean. Sometimes you can find your self without anyone there because it was located far from the local villages. This beach managed by local people, so you cant find many public facilities in good condition.
From Trans Flores street to Maumere, you can see sign to Koka Beach in Wolowiro. The roads on the way to the beach is quite narrow, even 2 cars couldn’t get in the same time.
There are some homestay managed by local people here. Blasius homestay, Richard Cowboy Homestay and others.