Inerie Volcano From Bajawa

Inerie Volcano From Bajawa

inerie volcano
Inerie Volcano

Sumit ;  2229m

Type ; volcano

highlights; beautiful and challenging volcano, great views

Starting point ; watu meze

Guide ; need vailable in watumeze or bajawa.ask your hotel staff for help.

Gunung inerie one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia and among the most popular in flores,with superb view all the way to the top.however, the trail is rather difficult,especially near the summit and there is absolutely no shade.A good pair of hiking boots,hat, and sunblock area essential.

To avoid the head and watch then sunrise on the  summit , start climbing at 3 am. After passing  sereval bamboo homes ,the trek reaches open grassland within a few hundred meters,where, after 30 mins of easy hiking, the ascent begins and yuo find yourself zigzagging around plenty of loose rock.At 1832m ,it gets diffi cult to find solid grip on the barren, rocky terrain littered with loose  geavel. Every step is a challenge andbpontentially hazardous. The next 200m difference in altitude.offer great,but tricky volcano climbing:deep ravines,slippery ground ,loose rock,and views which area simply might be a good idea to wear glowes to protect your hands from cuts if you area aming to be at the top for sunrise, the horizon wil appear painted in faint colors  illuminating the mountain ranges surrounding you.

From the first summit at 2122m,you need to go down for about 20 m before  climbing the northern side of the rim. This final  section is very step,and requires a lot of  concentration and care  to negotiate the large rock and unstable ground.the summit [2229m] you will be rewarded  whit most excellent views:  the sunrise  to the  east,next to Gunung Ebulobo the coastline in the south,and incredibly,the shadow of inerie  is a perfect triangele .yuo will descend along the southern side of the carater rim making this the most difficult 100 meters of the entire trip. Here the mountain is very steep whit a lot of loose gravel so it is vital to have an  experienced guide to leat you safely through this dangerous passage.