Gili Lawa In Labuan Bajo

Gili Lawa in Labuan Bajo

gili lawa
Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa Darat is an island  in the north east of Komodo Island – Labuan Bajo. The island is almost seen as a desert barren savannah wich wholly covered by grass. In the dry season the island  almost look brown  everywhere . while in the rainy season, the island turns the color into green. Gili Lawa Darat  bay is a perfect place for boat  to stay during  the night as it  is always calm and protected from current and waves . dive boats  are normally anchoring here for nights dives.

The other reason why we suggest you to visit this island is for a sunset trekking. This island is just the greatest sunset  spot in komodo. It remains our best place for having a beer while waiting  for the sun  slowly drop behind the horizon . mak sure you  have prepared enough a nutshell, hiking  is the most popular activity in Gili Lawa. It is the main activity here. In order to reach the summit of the hill, you need to spend approximately 40 minutes