Flores Komodo Tour Packages

Flores Komodo Tour Packages is Flores Island overland tour itinerary and Komodo island hopping island tour package. This is speacial tour package for your holiday in Flores Island during 5 days, 6 days, 7 days or more. This tour package is the suitable for you to explore all the beauty of tourism site, from the eastern part of Flores to western part of this island. We are really understands if planning holiday is really stressful, that’s way we created this packages for you, so you ne need to make your day busy by choosing which tour are the best and suitable for vacation in Flores. These Flores Komodo Tour Packages are the best option for you to choose with plenty of tourist destination you can see during your vacation. During this packages you will assist by our professional English Speaking Driver by perform the excellent to make you more convenient during the trip. The Flores Komodo Tour itinerary is flexible tour program we designed by give option price with hotel and price without hotel, beside that the tour itinerary also flexible, you can custom beased on your request, contact us if you want to tailored.

During your Flores Komodo Tour, you will stay and overnight at diffrent hotel in every town. This town, conecting by Trans Flores Highway. People know this tour as Flores Overland Tour. Every region has their own culture and traditions that means that they have diffrent way of life.

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