Flores Komodo Tour From Labuan Bajo

Flores Komodo Tour From Labuan Bajo

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Flores Tour From Bali

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Flores Komodo Tour From Labuan Bajo is our Flores Komodo Tour Packages to Flores Island and Komodo National Park. Not Only visit Komodo Island but also island hopping some beautiful islands around Komodo as the main highlight.

Flores Komodo Tour will start from Labuan Bajo as main entrance of Flores Island on the west part. From Labuan Bajo sailing or cruising to Komodo National Park use phinisi if you want to stay and overnight on boat or use speedboat for one day trip.

In Komodo National Park there are Komodo Island and Rinca Island are the main components of Unesco – recognized Komodo National Park, whose rapidly increasing popoularity is helping drive the booming tourism in Flores Island.

Flores Komodo Tour Tourist Destination :

Bellow are main destination during your Flores Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo to visit.

1.Komodo National Park Located at Manggarai Barat

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Komodo national park  offers more than just its prehistoric Komodo dragons (varanus komodoensis). Explore different adventure treks around Komodo and Rinca Island or explore off-the-beaten-trails along the slopes of Mount Ara and the Poreng Valley, which is situated 580m above sea level. This scenic area will surely dazzle with its rich diversity of exotic fauna, wild orchids and tropical plants. Be sure to immerse yourself in the enchanting underwater world in the Komodo National Park. Going beneath the sea, Flores underwater world opens up to reveal a diverse and colorful parallel universe of marine life. Komodo  National Park is a home in the west hosts remarkable dive sites and is home to over 1,000 species of fish and more than 350 reef- building corals. Be it muck diving, night diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoying this pristine hideaway, Flores offers a mind-blowing underwater thrill that makes it like second home for dive enthusiasts.

2. Pink Beach In Komodo Island

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Pink Beach is located in Komodo Island – Komodo National Park. This coastline is very charming from a distance.  Pink beach known as a delightful dive and one of the most popular spots in the park. The pristine Pink Beach gets its color from red coral fragments, and is located near the trekking area on Komodo Island. The shallow reef begins just by the beach, and is perhaps one of the best snorkeling sites in the park, deep enough to snorkel at low tide and not to deep at high tide. Colorful clumps of hard corals lie interspersed with brilliant patches of white sand and form a haven for fish of all shapes and sizes. The life here is more typical of the southern sites and the water temperature is usually around 25°C. the predominant currents here are mild and from the south, and the sites is best dive on a falling tide. About 50m out from the beach, a small rocky outcrop is exposed at low tide and mark the ideal starting point for this dive. . Besides snorkeling and diving in this beach, visitors can do some fun activities such as swimming, sun bathing, playing ball and some of local make this place as photospot.

3. Karang Makassar ( Manta Point )

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Karang Makassar Known also as Manta Point. It is located in Komodo National Park.  Karang Makassar is a small island off of the east side of Komodo with 2km drift dive and a series of long current-swept reefs running north to south, creating both a highway and a feeding ground for these giant and graceful rays. This is one of the ‘most do’ activities while diving and it is one of the Komodo National Park’s most famous for sighting of up to 50 manta rays.

4. Gili Lawa Passage

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The South Passage separates Gili Lawa Darat from Komodo Island and is best dive on a rising tide, when the current runs east to west creating a gentle drift out from Gili Lawa Bay, is an ideal starting point for the dive. Follow the current, with the reef to your left, around the point. Turtles are regularly seen on this pretty coral reef. The point is great place to snorkel amongst school of fish, and deeper at 20-25m many small coral trout, large schools of anchovies, small tuna, and trevally come in to feed in the bay. Deeper still, along the bottom of the slope, fish life increases; garden eels sway and white tip reef sharks sleep on the sandy bottom. The site is large and rarely crowded; although is popular in the high season with live a boards, as Gili Lawa Bay offers a good anchorage.

5. Bidadari Island in Labuan Bajo

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Bidadari Island, which means ‘angels’ island’, is a tiny, charming isle located northwest of Labuan Bajo. This island is a water lover’s  paradise and its excellent white sand beaches seem to have come from paradise, while is crystal clear and calm waters make it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and especially learning how to dive. Bidadari Island is reachable on 15-20 minutes boat trip, comprises 14-15 hectares of land covered with hills and trees, completely surrounded by beautiful beaches.

6. Waerebo Village

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Awarded UNESCO’s world heritage site status in 2012, Wae Rebo Village is located in Manggarai Regency and situated 1,200m above sea level. challenge yourself with a trek along Wae Rebo’s trails set in lush coffee and vanilla plantation surrounded by  untouched rainforest, and densely populated by endemic birds and exotic flora. The residents of Wae Rebo Village lead a harmonious agrarian lifestyle in harmony with nature. Wae Rebo is famous for its cone shaped houses known as Mbaru Niang.

7. Lingko Spiderweb Rice Field

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Lingko refers to the spider web shaped rice fields which are found in numerous places in Manggarai. The most impressive is the Lingko of Cara Village in Cancar, around 17km west of Ruteng. Lingko is a traditional Manggarain system of land possession where, depending on the family’s size, the family head divides land based on the distance between his fingers. The traditional system is still preserved and practiced today in Flores. The distribution start from the center pole (lodok) from which lines are drawn to the outer circle of the lingko, forming pie segments locally known as moso (meaning ‘hand’).

8. Kelimutu National Park

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Kelimutu National Park, the icon of Eastern Flores’ natural heritage, offers adventurous trekking trails. Travelers flocking to witness the sacred tri-colored crater lake will also get to witness Florenese Village life as part of their cross country experience in the park’s rainforest. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore the traditional village of Pemo and Woloara, then either end at Muru Nda’o Waterfall in Moni, or unwind in the warm pool of Kolorongo natural hot spring in Waturaka.

9. Bena Village in Bajawa

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Bena is traditional community located about 16km from Ngada’s capital city, Bajawa. It is the most visited village in the district and is famous for its impressive stone formations, ancestral shrines, Ngadanese-style house, and its traditional way of life. The village takes the shape of a rectangle and comprises 18 traditional houses in clan system. Bena people have agreed to conserve their traditional way of life, which includes preserving their ikat weaving technique. Indeed Bena is living museum as their traditions are still practiced in their daily life. Take the trekking route from Bena to neighboring villages and end the exploration at Malanaga  Hot spring or Wae Roa Waterfall.

10. Riung 17 Island Marine Park  – Ngada

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The sub-district of Riung, located to North of Bajawa, is famed for its beautiful coral garden. The coast and the area surrounding the town of Riung have become a national conservation area, and were even given the status of national park and named pulau Tujuhbelas, or ‘seventeen islands’. In fact, the national park consists of more then 20 small and large islands. The local people, thought, have named the area ‘Riung Seventeen Islands’, a label that is easy to remember as it refers to the personification of a beautiful 17-year-old girl and also Indonesian Independence Day on the 17th of August.

11. Belaraghi Village

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Prepare yourself for a 3km hike from Aimere to discover a village that is blessed with stunning, untouched natural beauty and rich in fascinating cultural traditions. you will find the challenge of getting there is worth taking. The Belarghi clan has been living in this village and is rarely mentioned in any travels guides compare to Bena or Gurusina. There is no electricity yet in Belarghi, so enjoy this rare moment of silence you are in Ngada district.