Flores Komodo And Labuan Bajo

Flores Komodo and Labuan Bajo

flores komodo and labuan bajo

On 2013 Komodo National Park come into 7 wonder world of nature, this make many people from another country want to know hows beautiful this national park that famous as Varanus Komodoensis habitation. Besides famous as habitat of Komodo Dragon, the National Park also includes one of the world’s richest marine environments.
Flores island is getaway island to explore Komodo Island. Not only komodo dragon that you can visit in Flores island, the nature of Kelimutu three colored of lakes, Bena Traditional village, spider web rice field, waerebo traditional village, ruteng puu village, Riung 17 island marine park, snake palace, Soa hot spring, Alor diving spot, Larantuka and Maumere religy town etc. Traditional ceremony event such as Reba, Caci dance, Jai dance, Tuan Ma procession, lamalera shark will complete your overland tours in this beautiful island.

Flores is a small island from more than a thousand island in Indonesia. Flores island is the lesser of Sunda island, come into East of Nusa Tenggara Province with 14.300 km² total area and the population are 1,831,000 cencus 2010. There are 9 regencies in this island, West Manggarai, Manggarai, East Manggarai, Ngada, Ende, Nagekeo, Sikka, East Flores and Lembata regency.

Komodo island famous after Komodo National Park come to be a nominate of new 7 wonder world. It is located between Flores island and Sumbawa island. Covered by Tropical flora of an almost countless variety including several species of wild orchids, epiphytes, acacia, stag horn ferns, gebang palm, lontar palms, bamboo, wild kapok trees, soursop, tamarind and custard trees. There is small village in this island “Komodo Village” with the population aroung 2,000 locals.
Loh Liang is the entrance and the main tourist areas on Komodo island.

There are some optional to visit Komodo island.
– Accessible by plane 1 hour 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport of Bali to Komodo Airport Labuan Bajo ( there are daily flight everyday of Lion air, Sky aviation, Wings air etc)
– By bus from Ubung – Bali bus station to Labuan Bajo 32 hours passing Lombok island and Sumbawa island and Fery ( Everyday )
– By ship 25 hours from Tanjung Benoa harbour to Labuan Bajo harbour ( scheduled )
– Other optional are flight to Kupang then continue with small plane to Maumere, Ende or Bajawa.

Komodo dragons or Ora (called by local people), icon of Komodo National park are the world largest lizard. Its only can be founded in west Flores. Komodo dragons has long tounge, yellow and prickly. Male Komodo dragon is biger than female. Growing to a potential size 3 meters and weight more than 150 kilograms, Komodo also can see until 300 meters and swimming 5 meters in the seas. The giant Komodo in this National Park has 3,13 meters and 166 pounds. The giant reptiles reproduce by laying eggs.

Komodo National Park is located in western part of Flores island that come into West manggarai Regency – East of Nusa Tenggara Province. Total areas of this National Park are 173,300 Ha. It was designated to be a National Park by the Government of Indonesia in 1980 and the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. Komodo National Park is the home for varanus Komodoensis the giant lizard in the world.

Waerebo is name of traditional village, located in Satar Tenda district – West Satarmese Sub district – West Manggarai Regency – East of Nusa Tenggara Province. Founded by missionary from Holand and german on 1929, a village was on 1,000 meters above sea level over beautiful Traditional house called “Mbaru Niang”. In this village that be UNESCO site, there are 7 houses from 19 descent.

Labuan Bajo is located in west part of Flores island, come into West Manggarai Regency – East of Nusa Tenggara Province. It is know as fishing village, in the 1970s, when people beacmes curious about the Giant lizard / Komodo Dragon, the sleep fishing village of Labuan Bajo, served as the traditional starting point to adventurous boat base excursion to the nearby Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo is central of West Manggarai Regency with 12,000 locals inhabitants. Because the location in the western part, this town also have inter ferry services to Sumbawa island by Sape Harbour.