Summit: 1703m ,type: volcano, highlights:spectarcular crater, great view,excellent bird watching, difficulty level: advance-expert[summit] fitnees level : medium ,doration : 2.5 – 3hrs to summit,2.5 hrs down , starting point:4km past Blidit village  , staying in: Maumere ,getting there: from maumere 15 kilometers eastwads on main road [in the direction of larantuka] to wae gete ,there is a barely visible  sign where you have to turn right, 8 km uphill to blidit .ojek [return] or motorbike  rental is about IDR 100,000. Permit : not needed  ,guide : needed available in blidit , supplies: bring water and lunch from maumere. Spectacular mount  egon is one of the most popular volcanoes with tourist .it is also one of the most active on flores.the last eruption in 2008 forced many of the people who lived at the foot  of the mountain to evacuate . the starting point of the trail has no signpost and is quite hard to find without the help of the locals . it’about 4 km  past the village of the blidit at an elevation of 786m. in the beginning,it ise asy hiking through open woodlands dominated by species of eucalyptus ,but it quickly gets steeper and steeper . monkeys and flores warty pigs inhabit these parts.once you leave the woods ,it gets increasingly difficult to make out the trail in the volcanic debris . look out forpiles of small tones :these are the signposts. We strongly recommend you keep eyes ope for the trail and teep carefully on this treacherous ground . Almost all the stones are loose ,and there are some deep gorges on this mountain: however , the blidit villagers are quited used to accompanying tourists and will keep you safe . on the way up you can enjoy a magnificient view of maumere by and Pulau Besar[ big island]

From the first ridge, the trail flattens out as it crosses a steep slope of loose pebbles and crumbly sand-step carefully here .after one last ascent you will find yourself at the lowest point of the crater rim[1598m] where you have a spendlid  view of the crater lake and a big ,sulfurous fumaroles[a solfatare] . in the afternoon if often gets cloudy; so leave early and you’ll be rewarded with the clearest views . even though it is easy to get to the higher points of the rim  to the south or to the cliffs right above the fumarole, don’t attempt to climb the last  100 m to the very summit unless you are an experienced rock climber and have brought professional  equipment. Your quide will most certainly advise against it. These cliffs are slippery, crumbly, loose  and very dangerous  after a chance to catch your beath and admire the view , you will descend along the same route.





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