Ebulobo Volcano

Ebulobo Volcano


Ebulobo Volcano

Ebulobo Volcano Summit : 2137m

Ebulobo Volcano type : volcano

Ebulobo Volcano highlights : beautiful volcano great views

Ebulobo Volcano fitness level : advanced

Ebulobo Volcano duration : 4hrs to summit , 4 hrs down srarting point : mola koli ,staying in : boawae

How To getting there : bus from ende to bajawa  [IDR 50,000] . tell the driver to  stop et boawae , 80 km west of ende  on trans flores ‘highway’ from boawae 40 min ojek  rider to starting point, IDR 25,000 permit: register at the kepala desa  office ; make a donation of around IDR 20,000 to the vilage . guide : needed ; hotel staff in boawae  will help you  find one . give appropriate payment. Supplies : bring water ,breakfast ,and snacks from boawae . Ebulobo  Volcanois neither the longest nor the most difficult climb in Indonesia ;but without doubt it is one  of the most  beautiful, morable, and picturesque volcanoes in the country . The trails  start in molakoli [924].  After some arrangements with the hotel  staff in  boawae as well as a few phone calls, you can rest assured that a guide will wait for you  there at an appointed time. If you decide to aim to be at the summit  for sunrise , leave the hotel at 2.30 am and meet your guide at 3.15 am. Molakoli is  a small  traditional vilage with very friendly inhabitants. It will take less than  10 minutes  to leave the vilage behind you and enter  a healthy  forest full of birdlife that gradually ascents, passing several cornfields and vegetable  plantations.the going is pleasant  and allows  your body to prepare for the esuing steep climb to the top . on Ebulobo Volcano everything seem to happen abruptly At 1034m the mountain suddenly gets steep: very steep you are surrounded by magnificent forest , and the rarely used path offers plenty of solid grip. The trail is covered with pine needles that help to cushion your step. This section will take 1 ½ to 2 hours. unlike many other montane forest  on Ebulobo does  not seem to change throughout the hike usually, as you gain altitude the foliage gradually lessens  in density  ; however ,not on ebulobo : all of a sudden the forest gives way to the rocky upper section.

If you depart at 3 am to be at the summit by sunrise, the first early morning light  will start  illuminating  the mountain top. The final 400 m to the summit will take a good hour. The landscape around you is  now dotted with rocks of any size. it is a little like going up a stairway. Interesting  the trek  might be : the views, however, are simply breathtaking. Now it is time for a picture –perfect  sunrise with colors so intense  it is hard  to belive if you  don’t see it for yourself. The final section with more loose volcanic rocks calls for some extra attention once you reach the summit  you can circumnavigate the crater, which take 20 minutes . The view from Ebulobo Volcano top  are stunning : mountain ranges  on one side , the ocean to the south , and perfectly shaped cone of Gunung Inerie to the east . but as abruptly as the landscape changes  on Ebulobo , so does  the weather : one minute you may be enjoying a magnificent sunrise, the nex you are surrounded by thick fog which will clear again without a trace some time later.

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