10 Destination In Labuan Bajo

10 Destination In Labuan Bajo

Gili Lawa

gili lawa

Gili Lawa Darat is an island  in the north east of komodo. The island is almost seen as a desert barren savannah wich wholly covered by grass. In the dry season the island  almost look brown  everywhere . while in the rainy season, the island turns the color into green. Gili Lawa Darat  bay is a perfect place for boat  to stay during  the night as it  is always calm and protected from current and waves . dive boats  are normally anchoring here for nights dives.

The other reason why we suggest you to visit this island is
for a sunset trekking. This island is just the greatest sunset  spot in komodo. It remains our best   place for having a beer while waiting  for the sun 
slowly drop behind the horizon . mak sure you  have prepared enough stamina.in a nutshell,
hiking  is the most popular activity in
Gili Lawa. It is the main activity here. In order to reach the summit of the
hill, you need to spend approximately 40 minutes

Kalong  Island

kalong island

 Is a small beautiful island  in komodo national park with mangrove plantations  cover the island where thousand of bats living. Furthermore, the name of this island is coming  from the local word that kalong means bat. It is because  of the island dwelt by thousands of bats and keeps secret by local people.

The island presents the exotic attraction of bat flying  over the island in particular sunset time. Therefore, it is one of the favorite tourist attractions in this national park that you never miss when joining komodo tours. The trips are also  discovery the biggest lizards in the world, komodo dragons that living in this park too.

 Padar Island

padar island
Padar Island

Is the third largest land mass within the Komodo National Park  and can be found between Komodo and Rinca  island[ both home to komodo dragons].  Padar was home  to komodo dragons  in  the past  however, lack of food and hunting  drove them away.

The island is known for having beautiful, but short treks and is a hot spot for photographers. The island  is a great spot for sunrise  and sunset making it perfect for capturing  the beautiful  beaches or the rolling hills catching rays of light.

The Rangko  Cave

The Rangko  Cave located in a isolated place rangko village close to Labuan Bajo, the beauty of this cave  because there pool and water has high saltwater, at the mouth of the cave in  the afternoon will go in sunlight raises a very beautiful glow , people also able to swim there to see the stalagmite and stalactites in  the cave.

To visist rangko cave , you must first take a car or motorcycle [ojek] from  Labuan Bajo to Lancang village, about 45 minutes away. From lancing, continued by fishing boat , sailing 20 minutest to the beach near rangko cave. The place is still not widely known, even local people around Labuan bajo have not been to this place. One more thing this place make interesting, because, the position of this cave covered by saltwater, salt content very high so can make  float it self easly

Manta Point

[ called Karang Makasar in local names] is a  spot where manta rfays ofyten encountered. It
is one of the popular  place  for diving and also snorkeling for those who
love  to see the manta rays, a huge
marine creature that can  grow up to 4r
meters wide. Though they are huge in size, they are   considered as the unharmed sea animal. Manta
rays  are one of the extinct animal on
earth which nowadays  divers or marin
life  lovers are trying to protect them from
illegal fishing practices. Although seeing manta  rfays can’t be  guaranteed, manta point offers excellent snorkeling  experience. Reefs are laying  from only2 meter to 9 meter depth. Turtles,
sarks,eagle rays, giant trevallies , huge clams, various kind of sponges,and
cuttle fish are things you may see during your snorkeling. If you are lucky,
you may get the experience of swimming with the mantas.


Located only  17 km from Labiuan Bajo. Melo village is an excellent choice for travelers in search of a distinct Manggaraian cultural experience . a half- day visit to melo offers a range of  village – based  tourism activities ,exciting cultural art performances such s the traditional bamboo people  jumping game ‘ tetek alu’ the ndundu dake’ dance and the well- known caci performances. The melo experience also gives you time  to lie back and  digest your impression in the ‘ panorama’ hut, which is the cooperative’s headguarters. This bamboo building is the perfect place to have a cup of flores coffe or a sip of sopi, the traditional manggarai palm liguor. The friendly villagers can even show you the process of making sopi from the sap of the aren palm.

Cunca Wulang Canyon

cunca wulang

An amazing waterfall  close to Labuan bajo is cunca wulang  30 meters in  height surrounded by steep slopes cliffs and thick forest, situated  at warsawe village, about 30 km eastern part of Labuan bajo.  On the walk  to the waterfall you will pass paddy fields in different stages of the planting  and harvesting cycle  of rice crops. Vanilla, coffe,candle nut  and cacao can also be seen along the trail. The last, steep part of the walk  is down  a trail in a tropical rain forest. It is a good  place for trekking ,hiking and swimming pool will become a special experience.

Mount Mbeliling

Is the highest mountain in the west manggarai region . the top is about 1239m above seal level. The mbeliling forest spans over an area of 15,000 hectares, and is  the habitat of numerous endemic plant species and birds. Labuan Bajo receives water source for their daily life usages from this  mountain. The variety  of flora  and fauna make it a perfect  trekking destination, especially during the dry season . trekking to mount mbeliling  starts at kampung roe[ roe village], about 27 km  from labuan bajo.  Porters and local guides are  provided here to show  you the trekking routes. Start the 3-4h trek at 600m above sea level in roe village  and hike in  the cool mountain forest where you can discover an amazing range of tropical plants as well as some rare species  of birds and other wildlife.

Sano Nggoang Lake

Is one of the  deepest volcanic crater lakes in  the world. The beauty scenery  surrounded by mountains would make this place interesting and good for  relakxing which is located in sub district of sano nggoang it is  about 2 hours from Labuan bajo. The villager trust in the  curative  powers the waters of sano nggoang.

Enjoying  the nature of life and  villagers habits in cultivating their farm. Hiking,bird watching, swimming or horse back riding is a special experience when you explore the area ,also try the  therapeutic effects of  sulfure mud at the small hot spring. Overnight homestays can be arranged through the parish house and the people’s houses can be used sa homestays.

 Mirror Stone Cave

Tourist objects to be visited in  west manggarai regency is stone mirror cave which is located in Labuan bajo, the cave has    many  shape  of stalagmites and stalactites, the story said that stone morror cave was found by the dutch man named Theodore  verhoven on 1951, he was a missionire for the  catholic church and also as an arceolog.

Walking about 200m to the cave with local ranger while enjoying the beauty of bamboo trees, bird singing and wild long tail macaques will be unforgettable moment to explore  he cave ,a few meters before arrive in the caves there is an spot where  you can  make some outside pictures  of the cave which is height approximately 75m  to the top. The  reason why the caves call as a mirror stone  cave is  because of the natural lighting reflected avery certain hours of the day through the hole.