Waerebo Village In Flores Island History

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They believe that their ancestors were called Empo Maro and some of their families sailed across the vast ocean and landed in Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. They proceeded ashore to the north until they arrived in the village called Waraloka. Based on hereditary stories from parents in Kampung Waerebo, Empo Maro then traveled overland and moved from one village to another from waraloka to Nangapa’ang, Todo, Popo, liho, Modo, Golo Ponto, Ndara Golo and Golo Damu before settled in Kampung Waerebo. Empo Maro chose to settle in Kampung Waerebo because he got a message through dreams to live and spend time in this traditional village.
Before becoming a traditional village with 7 houses that stood firmly on flat land surrounded by forests and ravines, the condition of Waerebo Village was very concerned. Some of their homes have been damaged and almost collapsed with age. Thanks to assistance from several organizations including Rumah Asuh Fondation and Tirto Utomo Foundation, finally the community of the village of Waerebo reconstructed or renovated their traditional house. In the process of remaking things that are traditional, the ancestors were not changed at all. Thanks to their hard work on August 27, 2012, UNESCO gave awards to the community of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Waerebo Village for Cultural Heritae Conservation, the highest award in the field of UNESCO’s Cultural heritage.

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