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Labuan Bajo is the Capital City of West Manggarai Regency. As a city in the most western part, Labuan Bajo is a gateway for tourists who want to visit Flores island whose real name is Nusa Nipa or snake shaped Island. Komodo National Park is located in Labuan Bajo West Manggarai Regency – Flores Island. Komodo National Park is home for Komodo Dragon ” Varanus Komodoensis in Rinca Island and Komodo Island. In this site, we would like to offers tourist some of Komodo National Park Tour :


Labuan Bajo and Information

If you have visited Labuan Bajo 5 or 10 years ago, do not imagine the same thing with the current condition of Labuan Bajo, because everything has changed a lot. 10 years ago, people only knew Labuan Bajo as a fishing village and ferry port (Feri) to Sape. At that time tourist visits were still very small. The number of foreign tourist visits is more than domestic tourists. After the Komodo National Park nominated in one of the 7 wonders of the world, then Labuan Bajo slowly became known and developed very rapidly. In December 2015, Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport was inaugurated as an International Airport. Until now there are direct flights from Jakarta by Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air, besides many direct flights from Kupang and Denpasar – Bali to Labuan Bajo.
Before set your foot on the island of Flores precisely in the city of Labuan Bajo, from the air you can see cluster of small islands with white sand as if luring the eyes of tourists to immediately visit and feel the beauty of nature and underwater . The beauty of Labuan Bajo will be perfect when the sun begins to set. Sunset golden light slowly illuminated this small city and made it very exotic. Many cafes and hotels in the city of Labuan Bajo offer views of the sunset that you can enjoy from the balcony of your room.
Jalan Soekarno – Hatta Labuan Bajo is the center of tourist activity. Here there are many hotels from inns to star hotels. Besides that, there are restaurants, art shops, tourist information, dive centers and others lined up along the road. On the right side of the road, there are 3 port, the pier is inter-island passenger ships, Labuan Bajo – Sape crossing docks and tourist harbor boats.
Tourist boats line up along the pier and waters around Labuan Bajo. Tourists usually have booked a boat from a travel agent who arranges their vacation in Labuan Bajo / Labuan Bajo Tour . This tour boat is designed from open decks, flagged boats to phinisi. This tour boat route is to scale tourists visiting the Komodo National Park (Komodo National Park Tour) which is the original habitat of this giant protected lizard. not only want to see the giant Komodo lizard, Labuan Bajo also offers the beauty of the underwater that is very amazing and the exoticism of the island – a small island with white sand.

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